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Switzerland: the NEW hot place to store your gold and dirty money!

THE MAN WHO CREATED GHOSTS comes to a climax among the secretive banks of Zurich and Geneva. Why there? Because, as the old bank-robber famously said, “Banks—that’s where the money is!”  Especially in certain of the banks in Switzerland . . .particularly where the “ghosts:” had hidden their gold bars, coins, jewelry, cash and other dirty moneys.

But according to a recent article in Bloomberg Business Week  the Swiss banks are facing competition for this shady money from another kind of Swiss vault: one-time Swiss military bunkers now used to safely store vast or bulky amounts of gold and other goodies even further out of the sight of the prying eyes of governments and tax collectors.amsteg-switzerland-bunker-bloomberg-business-week

Here’s one of those vaults, outside Amsteg, Switzerland.  Bloomberg Business Week