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“The secrets of the ‘high-potential’ personality”: From BBC.COM

The article asks, “Are there six traits that could really mark out your potential to achieve?”  I won’t detail them here; best to read the full article, which I found well-worth the time.

Key take-away: For a good many years the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has been more or less the norm.  Now there’s a new contender, the High Potential Trait Inventory (HPTI), based around six key traits.

Here’s the article: http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20180508-the-secrets-of-the-high-potential-personality

Here’s the link to the BBC story: Secrets of the high-potential personality 

Special sample: how sensory deprivation immersion tanks fit into the plot of the technothriller, A REMEDY FOR DEATH

Here’s your free sample drawn from my science technothriller, A REMEDY FOR DEATH.  Note: this special sample does not pick up at the beginning of the story, but rather focuses specifically on how sensory deprivation immersion tanks work in the plot.

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The image on the cover is adapted from the painting, “Antibes, Afternoon Effect,” by Claude Monet in 1888. Of this painting, Monet wrote, “I am painting Antibes as a small fortified town glistening golden in the sun, and standing out against the beautiful blue and pink mountains.”

The Château Grimaldi is at the center of the painting. Picasso lived and worked in the Château for a while after World War II. It is now a used as a museum, mainly for the works of Picasso, where an early scene of Infinite Doublecross takes place.

The font used on the cover is Matisse, styled on the work Henri Matisse, 1869-1954, who, like Pablo Picasso, worked in the south of France. “When I realized that every morning I would see this light again,” Matisse wrote when he first came to Nice, “I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.


Mr. Putin visits “youth pill” lab in Russia. Better he should read the science technothriller, A REMEDY FOR DEATH

In the article, “Immortal Vladimir Putin? Russian leader visits anti-ageing pill factory,” The London Daily Star reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin recently toured a St. Petersburg lab working on anti-aging pills.

That lab is Biocad, reportedly  “Russia’s leading biotechnology company.”

Of the work on the “youth pill”, one of the scientists, Alexander Karabelsk, said, “We are expecting the first results within a year.”

Apparently Mr. Putin and Dr. Karabelsk have not had the opportunity to read the prescient science technothriller, A REMEDY FOR DEATH, as that offers a very different method for life extension and the anti-aging process. (Full disclosure: A REMEDY FOR DEATH was also written by the humble author if this blog-post, Michael McGaulley.)

Here’s the link to the Daily Star article:   http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/573191/Vladimir-Putin-russian-leader-visits-anti-ageing-pill-factory  (Caution: this article should only be viewed by those age 65 and  older, as it abuts on other stories and photos relating to young British women who have apparently misplaced parts of their bathing costumers.)

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