Stolen Art, Dirty Money, an INFINITE DOUBLECROSS (and an article in the New York Times)

The New York Times today ran a long article, “Has the Art Market Become an Unwitting Partner in Crime?” It looks at the intertwining roles of the super-rich, art thieves and forgers, money launderers, and shady art dealers–almost sounds like those bad folks got ideas from my international crime thriller, INFINITE DOUBLECROSS.

One pull-out: “The art market is an ideal playing ground for money laundering.”  Another: “Beyond the question of money-laundering, some experts say the anonymity of buyers and sellers hinders their ability to track ownership, a key element in establishing a work’s authenticity.”

Here’s the article: NYTimes February 20, 2017

The illustration, from the Times, is Au Lit: Le Baiser, Toulouse-Lautrac