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Joining Miracles: Navigating the Seas of Latent Possibility

Joining Miracles: Navigating the Seas of Latent Possibility

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Suppose seemingly random happenings are in fact within our control?

Suppose it’s possible for us to "navigate" toward happy outcomes, and navigate around the bad stuff? Suppose the serendipitous events we encounter are actually a product of our mental focus and expectation? Can we intend synchronicities and serendipities, those happy strokes of good fortune . . . and seeming good luck? Can what seem to be coincidences actually be outcomes of our intentions and expectations? Is there a secret mind-set we can tap? Can we train our minds and intentions to make happy, beneficial synchronicity our norm?
Joining Miracles is a novel, inspirational fiction, but it's not a fantasy: it's based on findings extending from the breakthroughs of modern quantum physics back to the insights of the ancients.

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