The Grail Conspiracies

The Grail Conspiracies
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Genres: Historical Fiction, Holy Grail great secret, Mind power, Science technothriller, Technothriller, Thriller
Length: 404 pages
ISBN: 978097684060

The Grail. Not what we've been told it is, not where we've been looking. Not a cup, not a bloodline. The most powerful force ever known. Waiting to be tapped . . . for good or evil.

How do Nazi gold thefts in World War II, the Nazi obsession with the occult and paranormal powers, an OSS agent missing since D-Day, today’s emerging awareness of the hidden potentials of the human mind, an emerging “army” of world-wide aimless, angry young people led by Twisted Messiah, an international superstar rock group, relate to today’s scheming, conniving Inside-the-Beltway Washington culture?

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About the Book

THE GRAIL CONSPIRACIES: A science technothriller of the mind . . . on a backdrop of today’s terrorist conspiracies


The Grail: Not what we think it is.

Not where we’ve been looking.

The most powerful force–or weapon–ever.

Waiting to be tapped!


At a concert in Berlin, simulcast around the world, Twisted Messiah, a nihilistic, destructive international rock group, calls on the world’s angry and alienated to regroup in a kind of world-wide quasi-political cult, under its leadership. Some journalists describe that concert as “a Nuremberg rally on steroids, updated to today’s mindset and technology.”

In Washington, a message arrives inviting Greg Tapscott to go immediately to La Rochelle, France, to learn, at last, the “truth” of what happened to his uncle, an OSS agent missing since World War II. The family has long been convinced that a government conspiracy has covered up the truth of what really happened to Paul Tapscott.

In La Rochelle-a thousand years ago the main Atlantic port of the legendary Knights Templar-Greg finds that his search makes him the target of Twisted Messiah’s private army.

Destructive riots each night demonstrate the movement’s potential, as the throngs chant, “We are the World’s Worst Nightmare!” and, “We are the Bringers of Destruction!” One newscast put it, “mobs to order, delivered where and whenever.”

The members of the Twisted Messiah inner cadre, like the core of the Nazi hierarchy, are occultists, obsessed with the Holy Grail and Knights Templar, alleged Guardians of the Grail.

After unraveling threads of competing conspiracies set up over the past thousand years, Greg uncovers the truth about his uncle: Paul Tapscott turned up what was “perhaps the real Holy Grail”-not the legendary cup, nor the supposed blood-line of Jesus suggested in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. Rather, Paul Tapscott found what was “the deeper Grail, which was perhaps the most powerful force-or potential weapon-ever known.”


]Why is the private army of Twisted Messiah desperate to grab what Paul found, whatever it is? Why would a modern rock group have the same occult obsession as the Nazi leadership? What does this Grail, or power, mean to them? What terrors can they-the World’s Worst Nightmare, the Bringers of Destruction-wreak if it falls into their hands?

Why has the CIA suddenly emerged after years of silence? Was there in fact a government conspiracy relating to Paul and what he found? Why the 70-year cover-up . . . by Americans? How does it relate to today’s Inside-the-Beltway Washington political battles?

What if a Michael Crichton techno-thriller had explored Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code turf? What if a science technothriller of the human mind cut through the conspiracies and disinformation of the traditional Grail legends to explore the hidden truth: the key to accessing a supernormal human power dormant within us all, a potential consistent with the findings of modern science in fields including quantum physics and the human mind?

THE GRAIL CONSPIRACIES: A science technothriller of the mind . . . on a backdrop of today’s terrorist conspiracies.

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