A Remedy for Death

A Remedy for Death
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It's said that we only go around once in life . . at least that's the way it's always been. But what if? What if the terms of life have changed . . . for an elite, self-selected few?

What if today's emerging bio-tech and regenerative medical technologies—including the ability to regrow and implant body parts and organs—offer the chance for another whole go-round in life to a select, secretive few . . . a chance to come back, as one of them puts it, into “healthy, horny 21-year old bodies complete with all our accumulated savvy from this lifetime”?

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They say we only go around once in life . . . at least that’s the way it’s always been.
But what if? What if the terms of life have changed . . . for a few?

Chicago: On the night his wife and young daughter are kidnaped and murdered, Dr. Doug Daulby, a neuroscience researcher, is caught performing an unauthorized illegal experiment– implanting human fetal tissue into the brain of a chimp to begin exploring how it may develop human verbal abilities. The scandal costs him posts as a surgeon and neuroscience researcher at the university hospital.

San Diego: The twin sister of Kate Remington, Ph.D., a psychologist with a controversial approach to Multiple Personality Disorder / Dissociative Identity Disorder (MPD), is mugged and left in a permanent coma. Kate’s ideas on mind and MPD are too radical for the university, and she loses her grant . . . along with her job and insurance for her sister. “Your ideas,” she is told in an exit interview, “are more metaphysical than scientific. You raise questions that the media would love to pounce upon, and that would be uncomfortable for the university.”

The promise of a chance to start over “in a state-of-the-art lab dedicated to cutting-edge bio-science and mind-science research” lures Daulby and Remington to a clinic in the mountains of central Europe. But once there, they find the reality is very different from what they were told.

Worse, they are trapped there, with no way out. The realize, too late, that a conspiracy of the elite, a secretive cabal of the rich, powerful and politically-connected, is funding an analogue to Michael Crichton’s JURASSIC PARK . . . to recreate themselves, and hence gain the chance to go around again in life, as one of them put it, in “healthy, horny 21-year old bodies complete with all our accumulated savvy from this lifetime.”

The work offers the promise of Frankenstein and eternal youth in the era of bio-tech, tissue engineering, cutting-edge mind and neuroscience research, explorations of the line between mind and brain, cloning, regenerative medicine And a branch of bio-science beyond cloning

But there are ethical costs . . . and risks. What if the project is almost successful . . . but the work opens dangerous doors that, once opened, cannot be closed?

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