Art Theft of the New Millennium

Some folks become connoisseurs of fine paintings. Since I started writing my thriller,  Infinite Doublecross The South of France: Art theft, art forgery, and artful duplicity I seem to have become a connoisseur of fine art thefts.  Here’s a “good” theft I’d forgotten about.

The sub-head for a recent article in The Daily Beast says it all: “As the world celebrated the dawn of a new millennium in 2000, a thief broke intro Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum and stole a Cezanne painting. It, and the thief, have never been found.”

You’ll find the article by Allison McNearney at

At that time, the painting was estimated at $4.8.  Probably would sell for a lot more now . . . IF, that is, it could be offered on the market.  Who would buy a stolen painting? Answer: Lots of bad guys (as we’ve discussed in this blog previously,as well as in more detail in Infinite Doublecross).