The Grail: Not what we’ve been told it is.

Not where we’ve been looking.

Not a cup, not a bloodline.

The most powerful force–or weapon— ever known.

Waiting to be tapped . . . for good or evil.


How do gold thefts in World War II, the Nazi obsession with the occult and paranormal powers, the legendary Knights Templar (rumored Guardians of the Grail), an OSS agent missing since D-Day, today’s emerging awareness of the hidden potentials of the human mind, and an emerging “army” of world-wide aimless, angry young people led by Twisted Messiah, an international superstar rock group, relate to today’s scheming, conniving Inside-the-Beltway Washington culture?


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Author:Michael McGaulley
Genres:Historical Fiction, Holy Grail great secret, Mind power, Science technothriller, Technothriller, Thriller
Length: 404 pages
ISBN: 978097684060