Suppose things that seem to be “mere coincidences”. . .

. . . things such as perfect doors opening at perfect times, or meeting  the person who can help or teach us when we most need it, or other unexpected outcomes that appear to be just random events . . .

. . . are in fact within our control?


Suppose it’s possible for us to “navigate” toward happy outcomes, and navigate around the bad stuff?

Suppose the serendipitous events we encounter are largely a product of our mental focus and expectations? (But also suppose the “unlucky” happenings also flow from our mind-set?)

Can we intend synchronicities and serendipities, those happy strokes of good fortune . . . and seeming good luck?

Can what seem to be coincidences actually be outcomes of our intentions and expectations? Is there a secret mind-set we can tap? Can we train our minds and intentions to make happy, beneficial synchronicity our norm?

Joining Miracles  is a novel, inspirational fiction, but it’s not a fantasy: it’s based on findings extending from the breakthroughs of modern quantum physics back to the insights of the ancients. (It builds on ideas introduced in The Grail Conspiracies, a techno-thriller of the dormant powers of the human mind . . . by the same author.)

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From the back cover




A hiker, lost and injured in the mountains in a wintry storm, comes upon a small chapel.  Carved on the old stone wall are what seem to be messages in an alphabet that he has never seen before.  An old, bearded monk arrives and introduces himself as the Keeper of the Knowledge.

“The Knowledge?” I asked. “You mean those carvings on the wall?”

“Those inscriptions convey the core of the Knowledge.”

“But what is this Knowledge?”

He peered closely at me, and I felt he was somehow looking through me.  Then he said, “The Knowledge enables one to –”

He cut himself off and shook his head.  “No, I’ll not say more.  Not now.  Not until . . . not until you’re certain you want to know more.”

“No?  Why not?”

“Because if you once absorb and learn to live by the Knowledge, then your life will change.  Forever.  If you absorb the Knowledge, if you make it fully a part of how you view the world and how you live in it, if you live as the Knowledge teaches, then, yes, your life will change forever: You will live better and happier and more productively.”

JOINING MIRACLES is a visionary novel, but it’s not a fantasy: it’s based on findings extending from the breakthroughs of modern quantum physics back to the insights of the ancients.

“All outcomes already exist” is a core of the Many Worlds Interpretation now widely accepted among scientists exploring the puzzling world of quantum physics.  That is, all possibilities are latent until a certain point, when one of the possibilities becomes actual. Most also agree that the mind plays a key role in determining which potential outcome manifests. Hence, “The track we join is the track that becomes.”

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