Dirty money. Dutch chocolate. Swiss bankers.


Stealing from “the worst people in the world”.

And “ghosts” who are very displeased with what’s happening to their Dollar$, €uros, and gold.


“I’ve got a racket if you’ve got the balls”—Jade’s opening words at the tennis club to manipulate Dick first into a game of squash, and beyond that into a racket that will take him to London, Amsterdam, Zurich, and finally Geneva in the course of her scheme to steal from what she terms “the worst people in the world” . . . and from her husband, a money-manager in the mold of Bernie Madoff.


Dick, once a puffy computer nerd, has evolved into a buff hunk, thanks to the prodding of  Sheree—a fitness trainer who turned him around, married him, bought dual life insurance policies, and has now disappeared under circumstances that caused state prosecutors to arrest and jail him . . . until a judge ordered him released, though continuing to  hold his passport.


But a week in a tough southern county jail fostered the resolve that he would never, ever go back in. Now he abruptly finds himself the prime person of interest in the disappearance—and likely murder—of Jade and her husband.  He bolts, then finds he’s pursued not just by the law but now by private armies of Russian Mafioso and South American drug smugglers.

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Author:Michael McGaulley
Genres:Dirty money, International mystery and crime, Swiss banking
Publisher: Champlain House Media
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9780692734612